Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Sis

This post doesn't mean to offend, no bad feelings and written with respectful feeling. Please read til the end. I hate to say this, but I must. Not to show that I'm more mature or obedient, just hoping to have the harmony that a home suppose to have back.

Since the day I came back, I feel stressful and can't feel the harmony that a family suppose to have. Everytime you talk to dad n mum, I'm so scare. I'm scare that it would trigger a fight or an argument anytime. But everytime dad n mum managed to tolerant and get through it. And I know that their hearts are ached and dissapointed. The way you talk to them are loud, irrespective, arrogant, non-considerate and non-respectful. Maybe you don't feel it, but to be honest, you really were. It is like you are so impatience with them. Just a small matter you will get mad and simply scold people.

They don't owe us anything, we are the one who owe them too much. So be nice to them, don't always whack havoc on them. They never expect anything from us, just a good attitude while talking to them. And this is the least that we can do now. You don't have to be rich to 孝顺them, you don't have to buy luxury goods or branded stuff to them. You just need to at least talk nicely, help them a bit on life and that's are good enough. Be more patience, loving and show concern to them. I ain't perfect, and I'm know I'm not good enough yet. But I'm learning. I learn all the good things from people around me. Do treat them good while we still have the chance, or we will regret in future.

I'm not scolding, I'm advising. Please don't make their heart brake anymore. Sometimes I wish I could bring them to escape with me, but I can't. I will definitely do this if I have the capability cause they don't deserve the way you talk to them. They never owe us. I understand sometimes you might lost you patience, but do think that they are old. They might be young externally, but old internally. The least we can do is to give them love which cost you nothing.

Don't follow the step of your aunt. Or else you will end up like her one day, losing all the loves one. Please have a deep think about it. Thank you.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!!

Ahhhh 2010 has come to its end. So shall we welcome 2011 with feelings of gratefulness and great expectation for everything that is coming in the year. Grateful that we managed to pass through the year in good health and wealth. Thankful to God that we are still alive while there are so many disasters happen all around the world. Feeling relief that I managed to pass through all the sad and pain, and thankful to people around me that lend me a hand while getting through, and who brought happiness to my life. Again have to make some new year resolutions. Remember that I made few new semester resolutions before, but I never really followed it. LOL! But I Believe I will stick to these new year resolution this time!! To make myself a better person, and to improve some aspects on myself.

1. Show more enthusiasm and be serious in life: family, relationships, studies etc.
2. Be more hardworking and put more effort in studies.
3. Learn and power **********. (secret. LOL)
4. Control emotions better.
5. Manage my own wealth properly, according to own budget plan.
6. Be a better man.

Not forgetting my new year wishes:

1. Good health, prosperity, wealth and the most important, peace for my family members and myself.
2. All the best to the people around me.
3. World peace, no wars no catastrophe!!
4. Good luck in everything for myself: study, ********, relationships etc...

Wishing everyone good of health, wealth and everything here. Happy New Year!!! Cheers!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Her

The thing i worried the most happened. When I put in too much love or care too much I'll become bossy, and this triggered argument between us. I never meant to start the argument, I'm really sorry. I will not repeat the same anymore, and I wont care so much, so bossy anymore. Do please forgive me. I'm so regret that I did it. I really don't want this to happen.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Her =)

It has been a long time since the last post. Guess I shouldn't doubt it anymore cause it's her. I'm falling into her deeper and deeper as day goes by. No need to look for any others, cause she makes everything right. Maybe it is too early to make the conclusion, but what I know right now is she makes my everyday. I got over my past because of her, and I don't linger in my memories anymore, cause she'll bring me better ones. Ain't good at writing love poem, hope that we could get through all the hardships, and loving each others long time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


OMG it's out!!! Results are out and I passed all of them!!! Waiting for it to be released is the shittest moment ever!!! Your palms sweating, your legs feel cool, your heartbeat shoot up, and you keep going to toilet!! But now it's over!!=] hahaha!!!

Satisfied with my result. Guess all the hardworks really worth!! I thought I always have bad lucks in exams, no matter how hard i've worked for it, I can't get what I deserve. But I was wrong!! Every single effort counts!! We won't do something and get lesser for what we had worked for. Ohhh damn all the hard time had passed and all hardworks bear out fruits! But another challenging semester is awaiting!!

So there's some New Sem Resolution I made for myself, so that I won't be regretting at this moment next sem. I gonna stick to them and work harder. I promise!=]

1. No more clubbing!! No I mean lesser!
2. No more procrastination!! Show high enthusiasm!!
3. Do not skip any class!!
4. Pre-reading and all tutorials must be done on time!!
5. No more drag out in any assignment!!
6. Cut down hanging outs!!
7. Full attention in class!!

That's all for now I guess. Hope I could stick to them! *finger crossed*
Goodnight people!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Peak Season!!

Semester has reaching to the end and it's also the peak season of this sem. Assignments to be done and exams to be prepared. But this also indicates that holiday is coming!!!=] I miss home so much!! I miss all my family members, the foods, the chicks and everything in my hometown!!! But sis had left to Liverpool for 3 months, so couldn't meet her up even if I'm back. All the best and goodluck to you sis!! Don't play too much there yar. And don't forget bout my TOPMAN jeans and Manchester's jersey!!!xD

Been doing assignments lately. I stayed awake for almost 24 hours yesterday doing the AutoCad shit. It was so tiring but was fun with bros and buddies around that we chill while doing assignments. And now my face is full of pimples!! Gonna lock myself in the room until exam day! x] Most of the assignments had submitted and now it's time to prepare for exam. Goodluck everyone having their exams soon!!=]

Friday, May 21, 2010

I Need A GPS!!!

Wish that there's a GPS for life which could give guidance to you when you're lost, I mean lost in term of life not direction of street. Tell you what's good for you, what should be done and what shouldn't be. Lead you to the correct way in life and knows what best for you. When you're lost or in a undecided situation or dilemma, it could direct you what to do. Sometimes people says just follow your heart, but our feeling only tells us what we want, not what is right. This could screw things up you see if we always depends on our heart n feeling.

So please, somebody invent this thing and I will definitely be the first customer of this invention of centuries!